adaládalv [c8] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc/benmag-ádalv study, learn. It is assumed that lessons are the unmentioned object of studyMag-adal ka sin maayo.Study well.1practice, adhere to, commit toMayaman si Pedro pero nagaadal siya san pag-ikonomiya.Pedro is rich but he is-practicing frugality.adálanv be taughtn lesson, study guide, something to studyAdalan ko siya maglangoy.He will-be-taught to-swim by-me.Nawara an akon adalan.My study-guide was-lost.adálonv be studiedAdalon ta sin maayo ini na barasahon.This literature will-be-studied well by-us-incl.ìádalv teach for someoneIadal man ako sani na bata pagsakay sa bisiklita.Teach this child for me how-to-ride a bicycle.syntukdo teach

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