daradarán thing broughtNano an imo dara sa akon?What is the thing you brought to me?magdaráv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal/ben; I- acc/ben. carry, bring, takeSi Inay an nagadara san liwanan.Inay was the-one-who was-carrying the change-of-clothes.darahónv be taken, be carriedDarahon mo an kanding sa kadinghutan.Let the goat be-taken by-you to-the meadow.Variantdarhonipadaráv 1be sent, cause to be carriedGinpadara san akon ginikanan an libro sa Manila.The book was-sent by my parents to Manila.2be made known, be proclaimed, be announced, be declaredNaintindihan gayod an mensahe na buot ipadara san mga batan-on.The good message which was-made-known by-the teenagers could really be-understood.darhánv bring for someone, carry for someone, get something for someoneDarhan mo ako sin gatas.You get some milk for me.Darahi man si Luz sin dulsi.Take some candy to Luz also.cfbitbit kugos synsakbitcarry

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