isdaisdân fish. This is a generic term for any fishLab-as pa an isda sa merkado.The fish in-the market is still fresh.Variantísdàparapangisdân fishermanWara sin kuha an parapangisda.The fisherman did not catch anything.pagpangisdân PANG-, PAGPANG-. fishingWara siya mag-upod pagpangisda.He did not join in fishing.pangisdâann fishing boatNalunod an inda pangisdaan.Their fishing-boat capsized.pangisdàánn place to fish, fishing hole, fish pondAn Palawan maayo na pangisdaan.Palawan is a good fishing-place.magpangisdâv [c2] MAG- act. fishNagapangisda an kabataan.The children are-fishing.màisdâadj MA-, -ANON. plenty of fishMaisda sa Palawan.The Palawan-area has-lots-of-fish.

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