isipísipv [c5] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN goalmag-ísipv think, consider, use the headNag-isip siya na magbakasyon sa Baguio.He was-thinking-of going-on-vacation to Baguio.kàisípann 1mindMay dipikto an iya kaisipan.His mind has-a deficiency.2idea, thoughtMaayo an iya kaisipan.His idea is good.màisípadj self centered, egotisticSi Pedro maisip na tawo.Pedro is a self-centered person.sàísipv memorize, remembermagsàísipv memorize, think of, have an opinionNagasaisip siya sin tula.He is-memorizing a poem.syndumdom saulo tuom memoryaremember, memorizetanom sa isipremember

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