manghodmanghódn younger sibling. Refers to the younger sibling of an animate beingIkaduha ko siya na manghod.He is my second younger-sibling.magmanghódrelated siblingsMagmanghod kami.We-are brothers-and-sisters.kamanghódrelativeKamanghod namon an mga Olavides.The Olavides-are our relatives.igmanghódrelative, kin, blood relationIgmanghod pa namon an mga Moralez.The Moralezes are also our-excl relatives.kàigmanghúdankin group, sibling group, brothers and sisters collectively, ladies and gentlemen. Refers to both related siblings and unrelated people. Also used as a term of address for neighbors and town-mates by public speakersMga kaigmanghudan, nagapangamuyo ako sa iyo na botohan si Itay.Brothers-and-sisters, I am-pleading with you to-vote-for Father.pagmaranghódsiblinghood, brother and sister group. Refers to all the brothers and sisters of one familyIgwa kami sin malulot na pagmaranghod.We have a loyal siblinghood.antestrangherostrangersynkautodsibling

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