hinulsolhinulsólCebv [c7] MAG- act; -AN goal; I- accmaghinulsólv repentv repent of something, be sorry for somethingSabi ni Pedro na magahinulsol siya.Pedro said that he will-repent.Naghinulsol siya san iya mga sala.He repented of his sins.hinulsulív repent to. This is the obligatory action form of hinulsulan. Hinulsuli an Ginoo kay siya lang an makapatawad san sala.Repent-to the Lord because he only is the-one-who can forgive sin.ihinulsúlv repent of somethingIhinulsul ko an akon mga sala sa Diyos agod ako patawadon.I will-repent-of my sins to God so-that I will-be-forgiven.paghinulsóln repentance, regret, sorrow, remorse, contritionSubra an iya paghinulsol.His repentance was exceedingly-great.synbasol

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