anakanákn offspring, child, descendant, progenyTulo an anak ninda.They-have three children.mag-anákv [c7] give birthNag-anak an akon iloy sin bata na babayi, na wara sin iba kundi ako.My mother gave-birth to-a baby girl who was none other then me.anakánv MAG- ag; -AN ben; I- pat; PA-..-ON pat, PA-..-AN ben. bear childrenAnakan mo ako sin lalaki.You bear a son for me.anákanadj prolific child bearer. One who has the reputation of easily conceivingAnakan siya.She is a prolific-child-bearer.panganákann maternity leavein-anakánn unwed motherin-anákn godchildmanganákv MANG- ag. sponsorNanganak kami sin bunyag kahapon.We sponsored a baptism yesterday.tikàanákonadj about to give birth

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