uyonúyonv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc.mag-úyonv agree, accede, assent, acquiesce, concede, concur, consentWara siya mag-uyon san akon suhistyon.He did not agree with my suggestion.kàúyonn co-agreeers, having the same opinionKauyon ko ini na mga tawo.These people-are my co-agreeers.pàúyonadj parallelGinbutang ko an kahoy pauyon sa salog.I put the lumber parallel to-the floor.magkàúyonv [c3] 1MAGKA- act; -AN pat. agree, consentNagkauyon sinda na mahimo sin pribado na karsada.They agreed to-make a private road.2like, desire, want, crave, covet, long forMagkauyon ako pag-istar didi.I want to-stay here.pagkàurúyonn agreementAmo na ina an amon pagkauruyon.That is our agreement now.

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