sulodsúlodn 1inside, interiorAdto siya sa sulod.He is there inside.antluwas outsideantlabas outsideantguwa outside2contentsAno an sulod san sako?What-are the contents of-the sack?sulúdann 1containerMagdara ka sin suludan san kamute.Bring a container of sweet-potatos.Variantsurudlán2entrywayisúlodv [c7] MAG-, MANG- ag; -AN goal; I- acc. be insertedIsulod an mais sa sako.Put the corn into the sack.cfipit claspdaisog dis-ok synkulikag insertsalipit suksok susok súdlanv be filledSusudlan ko sin tubi an planggana.The basin will-be-filled with-water by-me.sudlánv put into, enter, insertSudlan mo an banga sin tubi.Put some water into the water-jar.magsúlodv [c2] MAG-, UM-, MANG- act. enter, go insidev Habo siya magsulod sa balay.He does-not-want to-enter the house.1put something into somethingNagasulod siya san bugas sa sako.He is-putting the polished-rice into-the sack.2apply for, ask for, requestMagsulod ka sin trabaho.You apply for a job.

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