masamásav [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN loc; I- ben.magmásav mix, kneadNagamasa sinda san siminto kag baybay.They are-mixing the cement and sand.masáhonv be mixedBuwas ta na ina masahon na iba kay mauli na kita.Tomorrow that other-stuff will-be-mixed by-us-incl because we-incl will-go-home now.masáhanv something be mixedNano kay kaati san iyo ginamasahan?Why is what is-being-mixed by-you-pl so-dirty?pangmásan mixer, kneader. This refers to the equipment for the mixingHanapon mo an pangmasa san arina.Look for the flour mixer.paramasán mixer. This refers to the person who does the mixingNag-uli na an paramasa san siminto.The one-mixing the cement has-gone-home.

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