tusoktúsokn injection, medical shot, immunization, inoculationAn tusok na BCG magaato kontra sa tisis.The BCG injection will-combat against Tuberculosis.pagtúsokn medical injectionMay nagahatag sin pagtusok san BCG.There-is-someone giving a medical-injection of BCG.magtúsokv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. pierce, penetrate, perforate, inoculate, immunize, punctureSi Mario an nagtusok kahapon san saging.Mario was-the-one-who pierced the banana-tree yesterday.cfbugsok tulsok itúsokv be thrust into, pierce with somethingHatagan mo ako sin kahoy na itusok ko lang sa saging.Give me the stick which I will-thrust into-the banana-tree-trunkmatúsokv be pierced, be bored, be stuck, be injected, be given a shot (medical)Peligroso an mga samad na natusok.Pierced wounds are dangerous.tusúkonv be pierced, be stuckTusukon mo san tinidor kun luto na an saging.Have the banana be-stuck with-a fork to-see-if it is cooked.matusúkanv be inoculated, be injected, be immunizedAn tanan na kabataan kinahanglan matusukan.All children need to-be-inoculated.tinusúkann pierced place, pierced spotAdi an tinusukan ni Mario san saging kahapon.Here is the place-where Mario pierced the banana-tree yesterday.

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