udong2údongv [c7] MAG- act; -AN goal; I- ben; PA-..-ON patmag-údongv stop, quitNag-udong siya pagsigarilyo.He quit smoking.synpara1 rugda udúngiv annoy, bother, pester, disturb, irkUdungi ako.Stop-annoying me.ìúdongv stop forIudong anay ako san radyo kay maribok.Before-anything-else stop the radio for me because it is noisy.pàudungónv have something stopPaudungon mo na si Alberto pagtrabaho.You have Alberto stop working now.pag-údongn stopping, quittingAn iya pag-udong pagsigarilyo an nakapaayo san iya lawas.His quitting smoking is what caused his body to be-in-good-health.

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