rubarubâadj destroyedRuba na an tanan na mga balay sa amon baryo.All the houses in our-excl village are destroyed already.marubâadj MA- destroyed, broke down, wrecked, demolishedSani, po, na pagbagyo naruba an aton PTA building.Sirs, in-this past-typhoon our-incl PTA building was-destroyed.magrubâv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. destroy, ruin, devastatecfsirâdamagesynrumpag ragas destroyrangka gaba1 destroyedpagkarubân destruction, devastation, demolition, ruin, damageGrabi an pagkaruba san pantalan.The destruction of-the wharf is great.Variantpagrubârubàónv be destroyedRubaon mo ina na balay-balay.Destroy that dollhouse.ruba-rubâonv [c4] MAG- at; -ON pat. be completely destroyedBaga'n inruruba-ruba an iya dughan san tunog san makina san helicopter.It-was-as-though his chest was-being-completely-destroyed by-the sound of the helicopter's engine.

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