badbadbadbádv [c5] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN loc/ben.magbadbádv loosen, untie, untangleNagabadbad siya san pisi na nagumok san mga bata.He is-untangling the rope which was-tangled by-the children.cfhaluag looseluang loosesynhalugaloosebuskad2 untiebuhiuntie, releasehubad 1be loosenedpagbadbádn loosening, untanglingMalisod an pagbadbad san pisi na nagumok.The untangling of a rope which has-become-tangled is difficult.badbadánv be untied, be freedGinabadbadan an tawo sa iya gapos.The person is-being-freed of his bonds.

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