a-2vb prefixability of actor to perform the action of the verb root. This forms a passive construction in which an actor acts on an object which is the topic of the sentence. If the actor is not stated, then the object is in the state indicated by the verb root. The affix only occurs with the aspect affixes m- or n-, thus ma- and na-. For more information see the Grammatical Sketch, Sec. 5.39(m)a(lantáw)vable to be seen. From the root lantaw "to see from a distance"Malantaw mo gayod an intiro syudad.The entire city will really be-able-to-be-seen by-you.(m)a(batî)vsomething can be heard. From the root bati "to hear"Mabati mo an mga hinuni san mga sapat.The chirpings of-the birds will-be-able-to-be-heard by-you.cfaka- ability of actor to do something

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