mama2mamân betel nut chew. Refers to a chew consisting of betel nut, buyo leaves, lime and tobaccomagmamâv [c2] MAG- act. chew betel nutHabo ako magmama.I do-not-like to-chew-betel-nut.paramamân betel nut chewerIgwa ako sin kaklasi na paramama.I have a classmate who is a betel-nut-chewer.mamàónn something to chew with betel nut. It is usually buyo leaf and limeWara na ako sin mamaon.I do-not-have any stuff-to-chew-with-the-betel-nut.mamàánn betel nut chew pouch, container for chewing supplies. Usually containing betel nut, buyo leaves, lime and dried tobacco leavesHanapa an akon mamaan.Look for my betel-nut-chew-pouch.

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