daragadarágaBkln young female, unmarried girl, young lady, maiden. Refers to a young girl of marriageable ageNano an ngaran san imo matahom na daraga?What is the name of your pretty marriageable-young-lady?daragítan teenage girl. Refers to a very young teenage girl who is barely of marriageable ageAn daragita ni Luisa nagdulag.The teenage-girl of Luisa fled.magdarágav [c2] MAG-, MA- exp. become a marriageable female... . Refers to females who become of marriageable ageNagadaraga na si Esther.Esther is now becoming-a-marriageable-girl.daragáhonadj ladylikedumarágan pullet, young henNagaitlog na an amon dumaraga.Our pullet is already laying-eggs.

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