halihálìpart from, come from. With this meaning, hali always occurs with the Locative particle sa, as in hali sa Ini na istorya hali sa mga Ifugao.This story is from the Ifugaos.synhalin frommaghálìv [c8] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. leave, develop from, come fromDili ka maghali sini na balay.Don't leave this house.May pulmonya na nagahali sa tipdas.There-is-a pneumonia which can-develop-from measles.cflarga halìónv be removedHalion mo an butonis sani na polo.Remove the buttons of-this polo-shirt.Dapat na halion mo siya sa isip mo.You must remove him from your mind.halìánv be removed fromGinhalian sinda sin poder pag-ayo sin sakit.A power to-heal/cure illness has-been-removed-from them.magpahálìv [c4] MAG-, MAGPA- ag; PA-..-ON pat. ejectSin-o ka na magpahali sa amon?Who are you to-eject us-excl?paghálìn departureWara ako kaaram san inda paghali.I did not know-about their departure.panghálìn removerIgwa ako sin panghali sa mantsa.I have a stain remover.synpanghalinremoverginhalìánn origin, ancestor, sourceAn sabi ni Darwin, an ginhalian san tawo amo.According to Darwin, the origin of man is a-monkey.Dili ko aram an inda ginhalian.I do not know their origin.

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