lipong1lípongadj wonderfulv [c8] MA- expmalípongv MAG-, MA- exp; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. be puzzled, be mystified, be bewildered, be confusedNalilipong ako kun nano an akon isabat sa iya.I was-puzzled what to-answer him.maglípongv be confused, be bewildered, be befuddled, be perplexed, feel dizzy, be foolish, be tipsyNagalipong an iya ulo.His head is-befuddled.lipúngonv be tormenting, be harassing, be pesteringDili mo ako paglipungon.Do not be-tormenting me.malipúnganv MA-, MA-..-AN exp. puzzle, wonderMay mga nalilipungan na mga tawo kun parapanday siya.There-are people who are-wondering whether he is a carpenter.

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