lubonglubóngCebn tombNagsuga siya sin kandila sa lubong san iya iloy.He lighted a candle at-the tomb of his mother.maglubóngv [c9] MAG- ag; I- pat. bury, inter, entombv contract, draw in, pull inSi Cleto an nagalubong san patay na baboy.Si Cleto is the-one burying the dead pig.An giha nagalubong kun nagaginhawa pasulod an bata.The rib-cage contracts when the child breathes in.ilubóngv buryIlubong mo an patay na ido na babayi.You bury the dead female dog.lubungánn grave, burial place, cemeteryNagkadto sinda sa lubungan.They went to-the cemetery.Variantlubnganangravepl.rulubngán

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