sakopsákopCebn subject, constituent, subordinate, memberMga mahigos an iya mga sakop.His subordinates are industrious.insakúpann subjects, people, constituents. Means the people under the authority of a ruler who has subjugated them, or it can also refer to people who have voluntarily submitted to a leaderMabuot siya sa iya mga insakupan.He is lenient to his subjects.nasasakúpann region, area, constituency. Refers to a ruler's region of jurisdictionGinaasikaso niya an iya nasasakupan.His region is-being-taken-good-care-of by-him.magsákopv [c6] MAG- ag; -ON pat; I- acc. supervise, oversee, manage, administer, direct, take chargeHabo ako magsakop sin mga tawo na matamad.I do-not-like to-supervise lazy people.magpasákopv submit oneself, subjugate one's self, acquiesce, yieldHabo ako magpasakop sa mga komonista.I do-not-want to-submit-myself to-the communists.

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