liawlîawv [c6] MAG- act; -ON pat; I- ben.maglîawv comfort, relax, loungeNagaliaw ako.I am-lounging.ilîawv comfort someone for someoneIliaw anay ako sani na bata kay sigi an tangis.Comfort this child for-me for-awhile because he is continually crying.lìáwonv be comfortedDidi lang anay kamo kay liawon ko pa si Bing-bing.You-pl just wait-here for-awhile because I will still comfort Bing-bing.lìáwann recreation hallDili ako nagakadto sa liawan.I do-not go to-a recreation-hall.paralîawn comforterSiya an paraliaw san mga mamundo.He is the comforter of-those-who are-lonely.synlibang

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