saroksarókv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN loc/ben; I- instmagsarókv fetch waterMagsarok ka.You fetch-water.synsadlok fetch wateralog fetch watersarukónv draw from a wellSarukon mo anay man mga ati antis ka magsarok san tubig.Please first draw-out the debris from-the-well before you draw-out the water.sarukív draw water for someone. This form is an alternate of sarukánSaruki man kami sin tulo ka lata kay tagaan ta sin kwarta.Please draw three cans of water for us-excl then we-incl will-give you money.isarókv use something to draw waterHala, isarok anay ini na lata.O.K., first use this can to-draw-water.sarúkann place for drawing water, wellKahuruharayo gali san iyo sarukan.How-very-far-away surprisingly is your place-for-drawing-water.parasárokn water carrierSi Isko an amon parasarok.Isko is our water-carrier.

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