suaysûayn argumentsurûayn argumentsNadugay an inda suruay.Their arguments lasted-a-long-time.magsûayv [c6] MAG- act; -ON pat; I- acc. argue, disagree, quarrel, dispute, squabbleDili ka sa akon magsuay.Do-not argue-with me.cfsuhay sùáyonv be arguingDili mo ako suayon san akon gusto.Do-not be-arguing-with me about-what I want.parasûayn arguer, debater, quarrelerSi Pedro parasuay.Pedro is an arguer.parapakisûayadj fond of arguing, argumentative, quarrelsome, belligerentSi Celso parapakisuay.Celso is fond-of-arguing.

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