linislínisv [c7] MAG- ag; -AN pat; I- benlinísanv clean somethingLinisan mo an lamisa.You clean the table.paglínisn cleaning, smoothnessHanga ako sa iyo paglinis.I admired your cleaning.paralínisn cleaner, janitor. Refers to a person who cleansMahigos ini na paralinis.This cleaner is industrious.malínisadj smooth, cleanMalinis an iya bayhon.Her face is smooth.malínis an púsoadj good heartedMalinis an puso ni Juan.Juan is good-hearted.ilínisv clean for someone. Refers to cleaning to benefit someone elseIlinis man ako sani na akon pantalon kay gamiton ko.Please clean these pants for-me because I will-use-them.linísanv be cleanedGinalinisan na ni Miriam an kaldero.The pot is-being-cleaned by Miriam.synlimpyo clean

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