kilalakilálav [c3] MAG-, MAGPANG- ag; MA-, -ON pat; -AN goal.kilaláhonv 1become acquainted with, get to knowKilalahon mo an imo mga bisita.Become-acquainted-with your visitors.2be treated, be regarded, be consideredKilalahon mo siya na magurang.Let him be treated by-you as an elder-brother.makilálav [c9] MAGPA- act; MA- pat; IPA- acc. be recognized, be identifiedWara na siya makilala san iya ama.He was-no-longer recognized by his father.magpakilálav introduce, make someone knownMagpakilala ka sa amon.Introduce yourself to us.kakilálan acquaintanceWara siya sin kakilala didi.He has-no acquaintance here.

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