usadusádadj one, single, aIgwa kami sin usad na kanding.We-excl have one goat.synunooneVariantisad oneVariantisad 3aurusádn group, togetherness, unionmagkàurúsadv [c2] 1MAG-, MAGKA- act. agree, concur, be in agreement, see eye to eye, be of same mind, be of same opinionNagakaurusad sinda sa paghimo sin bubon.They are-agreeing for making a well.2gather together, fellowship together, do togetherMaski hagrayo an mga balay pero pirme sinda nagkakaurusad.Even-though the houses were-far-apart but they always gathered-together.màusádadj about oneSan mausad na ka bulan an akon pagiskwila, nano kay baga'n dili na lugod ako gusto magpalta?When about-one month of my schooling passed, why is it as though I really do not want to be absent?mag-usád-na-ka-simánav do for one day/week/month/year. This meaning results from attaching a verbal affix to a Count Noun phraseNag-usad-na-ka-simana an pag-iriskwela san mga eskwela.The studying of-the students has-been-for-one-week already.usádanadj suitable for one, adequate for onekàurusádann unity, harmony, accord, oneness, unionIgwa sinda sin kaurusadan.They have unity.

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