luoylûoyCebv [c2] MA- actmalûoyv pity, show mercyNano kay wara ka maluoy san imo mga bata?Why did you not pity your children?magpakimalûoyv MAKIMA-, MAGPAKIMA- act. plead, ask for mercyNagapakimaluoy ako sa imo na bayadan mo ako san imo utang.I am-pleading with you to-pay me your debt.kalûoyn mercy, pity, compassion, kindnessSa kaluoy san Dios si Itay nag-ayo.By-the mercy of God Itay got-well.maluluy-ónadj mercifulIgwa ako sin mayaman kag maluluy-on na amiga.I have a rich and merciful female-friend.Variantmaluuyonmercifulmakalulûoyadj pitiful, patheticMakaluluoy an hitsura san parapalimos.The appearance of-the beggar is pitiful.

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