ayo1áyoadj MA-màáyoadj excellent, good, superbMaayo an iya trabaho.His work is excellent.sin màáyoadv thoroughly, wellBaldiyuhi sin maayo an banyo.Flush the bathroom thoroughly.This nominal phrase functions as an adverb which modifies the verb in its sentence and specifies that the action of the verb is to be done wellminàáyon nice way, diplomatically, tactfullyDili sa minaayo an iya pagbaribad.Her refusal was not-done in-a nice way.kàayuhánn goodnessNano an kaayuhan na nahimo mo para sa mga tawo?What goodness have you done for the people?kàáyoadj how very good, how excellentadv very, severe, great, very well. In certain contexts this word is simply an intensifier and has a variety of translations into English depending on the contextKaayo san iyo palabas.How-very-good your show is.An pagdugu-dugo naman sa mga urhi na bulan san pagbudos delikado kaayo.The bleeding in-turn in-the last months of-the pregnancy is very dangerous.v cure, able to cure, make wellMaski diin magkadto si Mila kilala siya kaayo.Wherever Mila goes she is very-well known.Wara siya kaayo san akon sakit.He was not able-to-cure my illness.mag-áyov [c5] MAG- exp; -ON pat; -AN goal. be healed, become healedv [c6] MAG-, UM-, MANG- ag; -ON pat; I- ben. fixMag-ayo ka na.Be-healed now.Mag-ayo ka san mga sira na kudal.You fix the broken fences.magpàáyov have someone fix somethingMapaubos ako para magpaayo san akon rilo.I am-going-downtown in-order to-have-a-repairman-fix my watch.pàayúhonv have someone heal someoneGinpaayo san tawo sa duktor an bata.The man had the doctor heal the child.ayúhonv 1be cured, be made wellAyuhon ko an imo sakit kun magtuod ka na ako dios.I will-cure your illness if you will-believe that I-am god.2fix, repairAyuhon ko anay an akon katri.I will-fix my bed first.ayuhónadj curable, repairableayuhánv reconcileSi Pedro kag si Juan ayuhan na.Peter and John are-reconciled now.mag-ayuhánv reciprocate goodnessMag-ayuhan na kamo kay magmanghod man la kamo.You-pl be-good-to-each-other because you are also brothers.parahingáyon repairman, technicianSi Pedro parahingayo sin radyo.Peter is a radio technician.

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