ulangulángv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN loc; I- acc/benmag-ulángv block, hinder, hamper, delayDili ka mag-ulang san akon plano.Do not hinder my plan.ìulángv use something to blockIulang ko ini na kahoy didi sani na agihan.I will-use this wood to block this pathway here.ulángonv be interrupted, be hindered, disrupt, butt into, barge intoUlangon ko anay sin kadali lang na oras an imo trabaho.Your work will first be-interrupted by-me for just a moment.ulangánv be blocked, be obstructed, be blockadedUlangan ko sin kahoy ini na dalan.This path will-be-blocked by-me with some wood.kàulángann obstacle, hindrance, circumstance, barrierAda ako sa Domingo kun wara sin kaulangan.I will-be-there on Sunday if there-is-no hindrance.

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