aramarámBklv [c4] MAKA- act; -ON goal; MA-...-AN pat. knowmakàarámv know how, able to knowWara siya makaaram pagsurumaton sin Kastila.He does not know-how to-speak Spanish.synara knowmàármanv know somethingHabo ako na maarman ini san akon mga ginikanan.I do not want this to-be-known by my parents.aramónv verify, find outAramon mo an iskidyol san barko paManila.Verify the schedule of-the ship for-Manila.pàarámonv notify, inform, ask pirmessionPaaramon mo sinda na patay na si Jerry.Inform them that Jerry is dead.magpàáramv 1warn, informSi Juan an nagpaaram sa amon na malusot an mga rebelde.Juan was the-one-who warned us-excl that the rebels will-be-passing-through.2bid farewellNano, nagpaaram ka kan Maria?What-about-it, did you bid-farewell to Mariapàarámn notice, announcementHumali an iya anak na wara'n paaram.Her offspring left without notice.cftanda signsynabiso noticepasabinoticepasabot noticekamangnonoticenotisya newskàaramánn knowledge, intelligence, intellectIgwa ako'n dyutay na kaaraman sa pagluto.I have a little knowledge of cooking.

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