agiágiCebv [c8] MAG- act; -ON goal; -AN loc; I- pat/ben.mag-ágiv 1pass by, go by way ofNag-agi kami sa Mabini Street.We-excl went-by-way-of Mabini Street.2go throughNag-agi siya sa bintana.He went-through the window.makàagív able to findNakaagi na siya sin balay na istaran.She has already found a house to live-in.agíhonv 1fetch something, involve, go and getGinaagi na la niya sa pasadi-sadi na pagpasaway.He is-involved in various mischievous things.2stop by. Refers to stopping by a place on the way to somewhere elseAgihon ta anay si Lucy antis kita madiritso sa simbahan.Let us first stop-by Lucy's-place before we go-straight to-the church.agíhanv 1pass by onGinlatag ninda an alikboy sa kamino na ginaagihan niya.They laid the jacket on-the street on-which he was-passing-by.2experienced, something happened to someoneIgwa ako sin dili ko gayod malilimutan na gin-agihan na hasta yana.I experienced-something which I have really not forgotten up-to now.ìágiv pass something onIagi man niyo ini na hambag sa kanda Panoy.You please pass this handbag on-to Panoy-and-friends.màagíhanv experience, encounterDamo na an kalisdanan na akon naagihan.I have already experienced many hardships.agihónadj passable, can be passedumarágin passer-byagihánn 1pathway, trail, path, roadway, sourceMadinghot an inda agihan.Their pathway is grassy.pàágin way, method, manner, procedureDamo sin paagi para masolbar an aton problima.There-are-many ways to-solve our problem.pinàágiconj by means of, throughMakaabot ako sana na lugar pinaagi san akon amigo.I can-arrive at-that place by-means-of my friend.kàagi-ágin experiencesNagaistorya siya san buhay-buhay kag kaagi-agi niya.He was-relating his life and experiences.syneksperyensya

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