mangmang-vb prefix distributive action not yet begun. Refers to performing the same action on a variety of objects or in a variety of ways. The mang- affix is replaced by nang- for action begunThe -ng of this affix assimilates to the nasal point of articulation of the initial consonant of the stem to which it is affixed and then replaces it. For more information see the Grammatical Sketch, sec. sec. 5.33.
Assimilation of
ng = m before words beginning with p and b,
ng = n before words beginning with t, d and s,
ng = ng before words beginning with k, g and glottal.
mangadyîv pray for thingsDili pa ako maaram mangadyi.I did not yet know-how to-pray-for-things.mangítav search for things. That includes searching for various possibilitiesMangita kita na duha sin pangabuhay.We two will-search-for a livilhood.

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