mangnomángnoCebv [c4] MAG-, MAKA- act; -ON patmakamangnov able to notice, sense, notice, take note of, knowWara ako makamangno kagab-i na may nangawat.I was not able-to-notice that there-was-a theft last-night.synmalisya1 noticeipahimángnov inculcate, cause to noticeAn kahadlok sa mga istranghiro dapat ipahimangno sa mga bata.The fear of strangers should be-inculcated in children.kamángnon noticecftanda signsynpaaram noticeabiso noticepasabinoticepasabot noticenotisya newskamangnúhann knowledge, observationWara ako sin kamangnuhan san imo ginasabi.I do-not-have any knowledge of-what you are-saying.

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