lingilingîCebv [c6] MAG- act; -ON goal; I- benmaglingîv turn head to seeNaglinge siya kag nag-istorya.He turned-the-head-to-see and spoke.lingìónv 1turn and look at somethingGinlinge niya an babayi.He turned-and-looked-at the woman.2look backLingion mo an imo ginhalian.Look-back-at where you came-from.3remember, be thankfulLingion mo an imo mga maestra.Be-thankful to your female-teachers.ilingîv turn and look to benefit someone. Refers to an action done for the benefit of someoneIlinge anay ako sana na tawo kay sigi an kakatawa.Turn-and-look-at that person for-me because the laughter continues.paglingîn turning to lookNagin asin siya san paglinge sa nasunog na syudad.He became salt upon turning-to-look at-the burning city.maglíngi-lingìv wag head from side to side, shake head from side to side

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