librelíbreSpadj freeLibre ako sa trabaho sa balay.I am-free of-the household chores.librehónv [c6] MAG- ag; -ON pat; I- ben. be saved, be rescued. Means to save something from dangerLibrehon mo kami sa gutom.Save us from hunger.synligtas ilíbrev treat, pay for, pick up the tab. Refers to treating friends to merienda or a snackIlibre mo kami sin snack.Treat us to a snack.makalíbrev MAKA- exp. release, free, liberateNakalibre na siya sa prisohan.He was-released already from the prison.palibrehónv MAGPA- ag; PA-..-ON pat. be excused, be freed, be liberatedPalibrehon mo ako sa guruna.Excuse me from weeding.

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