labaslabásTagn outside, outer areaNagkadto siya sa labas.He went to-the outside-area.antsulod 1insidesynluwas outsideguwa outsidemaglabásv [c7] MAG- act; -AN sou; I- acc. exit, go outHabo siya maglabas sa inda balay.She does-not-want to-exit from their house.paglabásadv appearNagtutuna na paglabas an banaag san adlaw.The rays of-the sun now are-beginning to-appear.palabásn show, play, drama, performance. Refers to a show or drama presented for public viewingGindarasok san tawo an palabas ni Dolphy.Dolphy's show was-crowded with people.magpalabásv [c4] MAGPA- act; PA-..-ON pat. present a drama, put on a showNagpalabas sin isad na Christmas drama an mga batan-on.The young-people presented a Christmas drama.palabasónv be showing, be indicating, be demonstratingNano an gusto mo palabason kay naghimo ka sina?What do you want to-show by doing that?panlabásadj exterior, outer, externalMaganda an iya panlabas na hitsura pero maraot an ugali.His outer appearance is handsome but his character is bad.anttagipusuoninner being

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