ubos1ubósn 1place below, downstairs, under, lower area. Refers to either place, quality or rankMaglusad ka sa ubos.You descend to-the lower-area.cfsirong area underneathibabaarea beneath2downtown. Refers to downtown in MasbateNagbakal siya sin bado sa ubos.She bought a dress downtown.mag-ubósv [c3] MAG- exp; -AN pat. place in a lower areaNagaubos an ginahuyutan ni William na kahoy.The wood that William is-holding is-being-placed in-the lower-area.ubus-ubusánv place belowUbus-ubusan mo an alambri dida sa imo banda.Let the wire there near you be-placed-below by-you.magpàubósv 1descend, go downstairs, go downtownNagapaubos na si Miryam.Miryam is now going-downtown.2humble oneselfMagpaubos ka lang.You just humble-yourself.

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