panginanopanginánov [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; MA-..-AN goal; I- accpanginanûonv 1be noticed, be looked for, be searched for, be looked afterPanginanuon mo an akon anak sa iskwilahan.Look-after my child in school.synmangno notice2find out, discoverPanginanuon mo kun may iskwila buwas.Find-out if there-is a class tomorrow.Panginanuon mo kun pira an kilo san kopra.Find-out how-much a kilo of copra is.mapanginanúhanv notice something, discover something, note somethingNapanginanuhan san mga tagabaryo na an burak dili mahumot.The villagers noticed that the flower was-not fragrant.pagpanginánon concernWara siya sin pagpanginano sa iya mga iskwila.She has no concern for her students.

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