rigorígòv [c8] MAG- ag, -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. This verb is a bound stem which always occurs with an affixVariantrígosmagrígòv bathe someone.Nagarigo ako kan Jojo.I am-bathing Jojo.magkarígòv bathe one's self, shower one's selfMagkarigo ka.Bathe yourself.karigûonv be bathed, be washed. Refers to washing persons or animalsKariguon siya adlaw-adlaw.Let him be-bathed daily.pangarígòn bathing, swimming. Refers to playing in water for fun and not for washing off dirt and grimeMasadya an amon pangarigo sa dagat.Our bathing in-the sea was-delightful.Variantpagkarígò

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