manihomaníhoSpv [c7] MAG- ag; -AN pat; I- ben.magmaníhov 1drive a vehicle, steer a vehicleSiya an nagamaniho san trak san bumbiro.He is the-one-who is-driving the fire-truck.2maneuver, manipulate, manage, take advantage of othersMaski sa kakusugan san bagyo nagmaniho sinda na madara an barko sa libre na lugar.Despite the strength of the typhoon, they maneuvered to bring the ship to a safe/free place.manihûonv MAG- act; -ON pat. try hard, try your best. Also means to try by whatever means, including cheating if necessaryManihuon mo na makapasar sa test.Try your best to-pass the exam.manihùánv be drivenKanay tricycle an imo ginamanihuan?Whose tricycle is-being-driven by-you?paramaníhon driver, chauffeurMahimat an amon paramaniho.Our chauffeur is careful.pagmaníhon drivingMakusog an imo pagmaniho.Your driving is fast.

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