hilothílotv [c5] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goalhilútonv 1be massaged, be rubbedHiluton mo an akon likod.Massage my back.synmasahimassageVariantmanghilot2realign bones. Refers to joints or fractured bonesGinhilot niya an akon piang na abaga.He realigned-the-bones of my dislocated shoulder.parahilótn masseur, masseuse, midwife. This usually refers to one who practices massage as a medical treatment for a fee. A midwife's major contribution to birth is to considered to be to assist in the delivery of a child by massaging the mother's abdomenAda na an parahilot.Here comes the masseur/masseuse.parahilót sin piángn chiropractor, physical therapist. Refers to one who is considered to restore dislocations of bonesSi Juliana parahilot sin piang.Juliana is a chiropractor.

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