padpadpadpádv [c8] MAG- exp; -ON pat; -AN loc; I- acc.magpadpádv be blown offNagapadpad an mga papel sa lamesa kay hinangin.The papers are-being-blown-off of-the table because it is windy.ipadpádv 1brush off, shake offIpadpad an alpog sa iyo sapatos.Brush-off the dust from your shoes.cftuklang 2blow awayAn akon papel ginpadpad san hangin.My paper was-blown-away by-the wind.padpadánv be brushed offn doormatGinapadpadan ni Clara an bankgo kag lamesa sin alpog.The bench and table are-being-brushed-off by Clara of dust.Adto an padpadan.The doormat is over-there.pagpadpádn shaking offWara sin pwirsa an iya pagpadpad san padpadan.His shaking-off of-the doormat is not forceful.

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