guwaguwâBkln outside, outdoorsAdto siya sa guwa.He is there on-the outside.antsulod 1insidesynlabas outsideluwas outsideVariantgowaoutsidemagguwâv [c8] 1MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. go outside, bring outNagguwa siya kagab-i.He went-outside last night.2winguwàónv -ON goal. go entertain, go out toGuwaon mo an mga bisita.Go-entertain the visitors.pinaguwâv be released, be sentPinaguwa na si Jose sa prisohan.Jose was-released already from the prison.Variantpaguwaonmaginuwâv go in and outMaginuwa an mga eskwela sa inda klase.The students are-going-in-and-out of their class.guwâann exitv exit throughDili ko aram an guwaan didi sani na balay.I do-not know the exit here in-this house.Amo ina na portahan an ginguwaan ko halin sa sulod.That doorway is the-one-through-which I exited from inside.iguwâv bring outIguwa na, Raquel, an kinuha mo na kamatis sa merkado!Raquel, bring-out the tomatoes which you got at-the market!

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