una1unáSpadj 1Occurs primarily in time phrases which use Spanish numerals and other Spanish borrowed words which are grammatically feminine in SpanishAla una na.It is already one o'clock.synun oneunooneVariantun one2first, earliestUna siya na nag-abot.He-was first to-arrive.mag-unáv [c8] MAG- act, -ON pat; -AN loc; I-acc. go ahead, do first, be firstNag-una na kami pag-uli.We-excl were-first to-go-home.ìunáv put firstIn-alsa san kontra kag iuna an ulo pagpatupa sa salog.The opponent was-lifted and made-to-crash head-first to-the mat/floor.umunáv precede, go beforeKinahanglan na may magbado sin pandesinte na umuna na pakadto sa baryo.It-was-necessary that there-be-one dressed-nicely who would-precede-the-others going to-the barrio.màunáv go first, go aheadMauna ako.I will-go-ahead.pàunahónv have someone go firstPaunahon mo sinda sa pagkaon.You have them go-first in eating.pàunahánadv farther onMagalakat siya paunahan.He will-walk farther-on.

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