bantaybántayCebn 1guard, watchman, sentry, sentinelTurog an bantay kaya nakasulod an makawat.The guard was-asleep so the thief was-able-to-enter.2tenantSinda an amon bantay sa uma.They are our-excl tenants on-the farm.parabántayn professional guardIkaw an parabantay niyan sa opisina?Are you the professional-guard at-the office today?magbántayv [c7] MAG- act; -AN goal; I- acc. be on guard, watch over, take care ofMaayo kun magbantay kita san aton libro.It is good if we take-care of our book.Bantay kamo kay adi an mga paradukot.Be-on-guard because the pickpockets are here.bantayánv be watching for, be on the look out ; be guardingBantayan an senyales sin naubusan sin tubig sa lawas.Be-watching for the signs of dehydration.makabántayv able to guard, can guardMakabantay kita san aton mga hayop.We can-guard our animals.

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