anoanóinterr prn what?Ano, patay na si Juan?What, Juan is dead already?synnano what?ánhoninterr prn what is the purpose?, what do with?Anhon mo ina na lubi?What-do you intend-to-do-with that coconut?Anhon mo ina, Migo, na kalayo?What is your purpose-with that fire, Friend?pàánhoninterr adv how can?adv unfortunately, out of luckPaanhon niya an pagkabig san iya asawa pakadto sa balay?How-can she accomplish the bringing of her spouse to-the house?Paanhon ta la na kumupos an aton guma.We-incl are-out-of-luck since our-incl tire has-flattened.sing-ánointerr prn to what?Sing-ano kahidalom an akon bubuhuon?To-what depth shall I dig-the-hole?

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