balaybaláyCebn house, dwelling, abode, domicile, residenceHarayo didi an inda balay.Their house is far from-here.panimaláyn household. This includes both family members and servantsSin-o an dapat mag-asikaso sa panimalay?Who should take-care of-the extended-family-in-the-house?tagbaláyn house ownerWara dida an tagbalay.The house-owner is not there.baláyann house lot, residential lotNakabakal sinda sin balayan sa Celestina subdivision.They were-able-to-buy a residential-lot in Celestina subdivision.magbaláyv [c7] MAG- act; -AN goal; I- acc. build a house, buildNagabalay sinda halapit sa amon.They are-building-a-house near us.balay-bálayn play house, doll housemagbalay-baláyv 1go from house to house2pretend to build a housepagbalay-baláyn make believe house buildingPagbalay-balay an hilig ko na kanam.The game I liked was-make-believe-house-building.baláyin parents of bride and groom

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