lusotlusótCebv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- accVariantlúsotmaglusótv 1penetrate, pierce, infiltrate, go through, pass through. As for example, a person escaping through a windowNaglusot an pato sa kudal.The duck went-through the fence.synlapos 2leak, trickle, seep, dribble out. As for example, rice dribbling out of a sack as it is carriedmakalusótv MAKA-, -UM- act; PA-..-ON pat. pass a test. This implies the figurative meaning of passing through the testNakalusot siya sa bar.He was-able-to-pass the bar-exam.lumusótv effect, accomplish. Presumably that the plan is effective implies that it passed the test of successful performanceLumusot an iya plano.His plan accomplished-its-purpose.malúsotadj clever, skillful, adept

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