intyindeintyíndeSpv [c5] MAG-, MAKA- act; -ON pat; -AN goal; IPA- accmakàintyíndev able to understand, pay attentionDili siya makaintyinde san imo surmaton.He cannot understand your language.intyindihónv 1ignore. This form of the verb requires an accompanying negative particleDili mo intyindihon an iya mga komintar.Ignore his comments.2entertain, welcomeLumabas ka kag intyindihon an imo bisita.Go-out and entertain your visitor.ipàintyíndev explain, cause to understandIpaintyinde mo sa inda na importanti an inda prisinsya adlaw-adlaw.Cause them to-understand that their daily presence is important.synpahayagexplainpaliwanag explainisplikar pagkàintyínden understandingNano an pagkaintyindi mo sani na birsikolo?What is your understanding of-this verse?

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